Hovhannes Gevorgyan

Acting Secretary General of the staff of SSFS

Date and Place of Birth

July 3, 1968, Martuni


1985-1990-Yerevan institute of animal breeding and veterinary medicine, animal breeding-engineering faculty

1990-1995- Yerevan State University, faculty of law

Work Experience

1992-1995- Member of Student council at YSU, law faculty council director, member of student trade union

1994-1995- founder of Young Lawyers Association NGO, president

1995-1997-RA State Customs Committee (RA State Revenue Committee), chief specialist

1999-2000- RA State Revenue Committee, chief specialist-lawyer

2000-2001- RA State Committee of the Real Estate Cadastre, head of legal department

1999-2001-“Gitak” University, “Constitutional Law” Senior Lecturer

2002-documentation analysis on mass printed media distribution network, legal expert

2002-2003- “Community to our kids” program, expert- lawyer

2002-2005-Civil Service Council of RA, chief specialist of legal department

2005- reporter of “the legal basis of the fight against corruption” of “Youth Against Corruption” UN program

2003- seminar lecturer of “Supporting villages” (DFID) program

2005-2008- Civil Service Council of RA, head of legal department

2005-2007- Lecturer of the community servant training courses on ” legislation changes of Community Service”

2008-2011- RA Ministry of Emergency Situations, deputy head of the staff

2010- RA Ministry of Emergency Situations, acting head of the staff

1999- president of “AIB Legal and Community Assistance Center” NGO

2005- lecturer of civil cervants training courses on ”legislation changes on civil cervice”

2011 december- was appointed as the head of the staff of the State service for food safety of MoA

2011-2016 – head of the staff of State service for food safety of MoA, RA

As of December 2016 – Acting deputy head of the staff of SSFS of MOA of RA

Additional information

Served in the Soviet army.

Was awarded a diploma of honor of RA Minister of Emergency Situations.

Was awarded a letter of acknowledgement of RA Minister of Agriculture.

Party membership

Republican Party of Armenia

Marital status

Married, with two children.


(+374) 20 38 53 (102)

[email protected]