Shirak marz center of the State Service for Food Safety of MoA of RA (hereinafter referred as the Service) organized a meeting with business operators engaged in meat sale and representatives of the companies implementing veterinary sanitary expertise in Gyumri. Hovhannes Mkrtchyan the Head of the Veterinary Inspection of the Service spoke about current issues in the field and also mentioned that solutions of those issues were not only legal requirements but they also should derive from business operators’ interests. “The Service has begun large scale measures in the animal origin food market and Gyumri is involved in this list as well” told the Head.

20170118_145522123He warned not to accept and sell carcasses without accompanying documents and transported with hygienic violations. Mr. Mkrtchyan once again introduced acting veterinary sanitary hygienic and safety requirements for meat market as well as he advised to carry out appropriate activities ensuring required conditions. In the meantime, he assured that the specialists of the Service will provide them with necessary professional consultancy and information any time they need.


Mr. Mkrtchyan informed that the Service is taking steps to ensure that the slaughter is being conducted in the slaughterhouse which derives from RA Government program. The representatives of the companies implementing veterinary sanitary expertise were recommended by the authorized body to carry out expertise in accordance with the procedure defined by RA Government as well as in case of deviations to inform the Service and not to conduct post-mortem examination of meat and meat products of unknown origin.


After the meeting Mr. Mkrtchyan visited meat markets of the city to get acquainted with the current situation. “I am reminding you once again, that the persons who are in contact with meat are obliged to follow personal hygiene rules and to wear relevant clean clothing. A regular medical examination of each employee and the availability of appropriate sanitary book are mandatory,” told the Head of the Veterinary Inspection.