A “TAEX’ Workshop on fish feed legislation was held today organized jointly by the State Service for Food Safety of MoA (hereinafter referred as the Service) of RA and the European Commission in the framework of the EU Technical support, Information exchange instrument.

The purpose of the Workshop was to introduce new laboratory techniques,  explain the EU legislation as well as to raise awareness of fish feed safety requirements among the representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, State Service for Food Safety,  Republican Veterinary and Phytosanitary Laboratory Services Center, food industry, nongovernmental and international organizations.


Deputy Head of the Service, Lusine Davtyan welcomed the participants and highlighted that RA government is consistent with its policy to support domestic producers via introducing international best practices of sanitary requirements in food and feed production as well as providing advice regarding export issues.

The experts from Spain, Italy, Latvia as well as the EU reference laboratory presented the legal requirements for fish feed production, the mechanisms of state control, new methods and standards of control for fish and fishery products in the EU.

Topics related to the industrial practices in fish farms, management systems and the guarantees of the efficiency thereof were discussed during the Workshop.  The speakers also touched upon the issues of prevention and control of fish diseases, new methods and standards of fish feed and water laboratory examination.

And last but not least, export requirements of fishery products from Armenia to EU, corresponding norms and procedures were presented by EU experts.