Today, Mr. Ignati Arakelyan, the Minister of Agriculture of RA (hereinafter referred as the Minister) introduced the newly appointed Head of the State Service for Food Safety of MoA of RA (hereinafter referred as the Service) Mr. Ishkhan Karapetyan to the staff of the Service.

First of all the Minister expressed his gratitude to the former Head of the Service for his sound achievements in the field and informed that Mr. Armen Ayrapetyan will continue his career in the public administration as an Adviser to the Minister of Agriculture.

The Minister, then congratulated Mr. Ishkhan Karapetyan on his new position and mentioned that Mr. Karapetyan has an outstanding experience in this field and wished him much success in his future endeavors and effective work.

Mr. Arakelyan mentioned that there are some gaps in the veterinary, phytosanitary fields, and strict control should be applied to ensure food safety. The Minister added that due to its keynote role the Service has always been put into the focus of both public attention and criticism. He was also hopeful that the joint efforts with the new Head of the Service would facilitate the improvement and development of the activities of the Service.

The newly appointed Head thanked the Prime Minister as well as the Minister for placing trust and confidence in his abilities to assume the office of the Head of the Service. He assured that together with the whole team he would put more efforts to develop the system and to eliminate the existing gaps.

Last but not least, Mr. Ayrapetyan thanked the staff for the two years joint work and wished all the success to the newly appointed Head of the Service.

Information and Public Relations Division

of the Ministry of Agriculture