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Mesophilic aerobic and facultative anaerobic microorganisms (MAFAM)

Mesophilic are organisms developed in the medium temperature (20-40 ° C):

Depending on the requirement for oxygen, organisms are divided into aerobic and anaerobic ones.

Anaerobic microorganisms live without oxygen. They can exist in such products which […]

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How to differentiate high quality milk from low quality milk?

When buying milk from stores one should first pay attention to the integrity of the container. The container shall not have damaged places, regardless of its material (polymer, cardboard, etc.).

The product name, volume, richness, production […]

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Safe food at home

Follow 5 simple steps which will help to protect you and your family from food poisoning at home

Step one: to clean

Frequently wash hands and surfaces. Bacteria being source of food-borne diseases can survive in various […]

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Genetically modified food

The following three types of food are considered as Genetically modified products

Food, which is received in the result of transformation of genetic structure with foreign gene inserting or genes combination in living organisms (animals, plants, […]

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