Ishkhan Karapetyan, the Head of the State Service for Food Safety of MoA of RA (hereinafter referred as the Head) had a meeting with the Heads of the marz centers of the Service. During the meeting the activities implemented in the last month were discussed and new instructions were given.

The Heads of the marz centers introduced the results of control activities carried out by them as well as information about registration process of the business operators in the registry of the Service.

“I expect qualitative changes, identification of priority issues in the field, possible solutions and communication with business operators,” noted the Head. In the meantime he suggested continuing the same procedures of control in bread and refreshing drinks’ market. Ishkhan Karapetyan highlighted the importance of registration of the marzes’ food suppliers and instructed to carry out strict control over their activities, paying particular attention to the warehouses excluding the possibility of entry of expired food to the market.

The Head gave instructions to the Heads of the veterinary and phytosanitary inspections to visit meat markets and greenhouses in the marzes to evaluate the situation and undertake necessary measures for improvements.