Phytosanitary is a system of measures targeted at the production of healthy plants, plant products and regulated items in a healthy environment. It provides the complex of state measures of plant protection – quarantine, which aims to identify, isolate and eliminate the areas infested with quarantine organisms harmful for plants, plant products and regulated items.

The aim of this sector is the detection of plant quarantine and regulated non-quarantine harmful organisms in the Republic of Armenia and the control over destruction.
Phytosanitary also controls the process of the production and processing of plants, plant products and regulated items, the maintaining of phytosanitary rules and norms at the points of sale in the country.

The implementation of measures for predicting, diagnosing and preventing mass breeding and spread of harmful organisms of plants, the provision of improving the phytosanitary situation of agricultural, ornamental plants and the forest as well as the exclusion of damage to environment, flora and fauna are one of the most important issues of phytosanitary regulation.