The annual international accreditation process of the Republican Veterinary-Sanitary and Phytosanitary Laboratory Services Center SNCO operating under the aegis of the RA Food Safety Inspectorate has been completed today, which was conducted by evaluation expert from National Accreditation Board (ANAB) of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Alan Laffin.

More comprehensive reassessment of the laboratory general activities and capabilities has taken place this year. The “RVSPCLS” SNCO accredited by ISO / IEC 17025-2005 in 2017 has already improved its performance and has set the task of accrediting a new detailed ISO / IEC 17025-2017 standard, according to requirements.

Summarizing the results of his observations, Mr Laffin mentioned that both the overall documentation process studied at the first stage and the actual course of the laboratory tests tested at the second stage (availability of verification methods, supporting materials, scans, adherence to appropriate procedures) met the required accreditation criteria. “This laboratory improves its performance year by year, problems are reduced and, according to our observations, the laboratory complies with ISO / IEC international standards,” mentioned the international expert.

As a result of the audit, the laboratory’s accreditation field has expanded by 8 indicators.

The audit also carried out a preliminary evaluation of the “RVSPCLS” SNCO “Specific Dangerous Reference Laboratory”, which recorded that it complies with all standards, which means that the laboratory may also undergo an international accreditation process next year.