The service set special work mode from December 23 to January 8.


On holyday and post holyday days State Service for Food Safety would tough the control. From December 23, 2016 to January 8, 2017 inspection visits will be conducted in shopping centers and food retail stores. Food (especially perishable food) expiry dates and storage conditions will be examined during the visits. Expired food products or food products having inappropriate conditions will be removed from circulation and destroyed immediately by the business operators. New working groups will be formed to control meet shops in the regions. The working groups will work in an emergency mode in the whole country, as well as will provide quick answers to the citizens’ alerts and complaints through the hotline. Therefore, we call to the consumers in case of finding expired, unlabeled food products or any other food frauds, call to Service hotline (010 20-60-40) immediately or send an E-mail to [email protected] (24/7) attaching any photos you might have:

  • Address of vender,
  • Full name of producer or vender,
  • Complaint, description of discovered inappropriateness,
  • Attached photo or video.

You can find official request form in this website at the section “follow up letter”.