The State Service for Food Safety of the Ministry of Agriculture of RA, in the scope of the state control, has suspended the public catering production function in the kindergartens of “Artik N4” and “Ani” in Maralik community.
As a result of the inspections, the Service revealed gross violations of sanitary and hygienic norms in two kindergartens: The requirements of technical regulation on the hygiene of food had not been kept. In particular, the kitchens in the pre-school institutions were unclean, non-renovated and not properly maintained; they were not provided with necessary furniture or washing and sterilization facilities; there were not taken preventive measures against the pests.
The State Service for Food Safety has set deadlines for eliminating the violations. Theese institutions will be permitted to restart the operation of the kitchens only after implementing all the assignments.


“Ani” kindergarten in Maralik community


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 “Artik N4” kindergarten


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