On the 16th of January, 2017 a press conference was held, where Vahe Danielyan, the Head of the Food Safety and Quality Control Inspection of the Service introduced the results of the activities carried out by the Service during the holidays.


Taking into account the growth and intensification of trade pre and post holiday session as well as the risks in this connection, working groups were formed in Yerevan and all regions of Armenia which carried out inspections from 23rd of December, 2016 to 8th of January, 2017 in the food retails stores (selectively) and meat markets.

In the framework of strict control compliance with the requirements for expiry date, storage conditions of food (especially perishable food), storage conditions and hygiene of meat, carcasses sold by business entities was carried out.

In general, inspections were implemented in 816 business entities in the whole territory of the country. In 580 business entities non compliances were detected (especially sales of food with incomplete labeling, food conditions non compliances, sale of carcasses without veterinary sanitary examination in some meat markets). In case of detected non compliances food, meat and carcasses were removed from the markets and required instructions were given to exclude such violations.



During the holidays 163 calls were received by the hot line of the Service (12 appeals and 151 consultancies). Appeals were on the quality and incomplete labeling of meat products and poultry. A call on poisoning was received from the National Center for Diseases Control and Prevention. In the result of investigations it was found out that the poisoning was not from food. Citizens especially business operators were interested in the procedures of registration in the online registry of the Service, details on the borders and control, FBO approval requirements etc. Required information and consultancy were provided to them.



Taking into account the increase of import and export volume by the instruction of RA Prime Minister the Service worked in a special regime and on duty ensuring smooth and fast process of food export and import on Saturday, Sunday and during holidays.  From 31st of December to 8th of January 160 applications of consignments subject to the control of the Service were issued to FBO’s (85 import and 75 export applications).