On the 27th of January a call received by Lori marz center of the Service. According to the received information 11 people in Lernantsk community of Spitak region were hospitalized in the “Spitak Medical Center” with the symptoms of “Food toxic infection”.

On the same day, after receiving the call the specialists of the marz center of the Service visited the aforementioned medical center, then “ARTVARD” LLC. In the meantime the specialists of the Service visited “Tezh Krak” cafeteria belonging to “ARTVARD” LLC where hospitalized persons had had meals.

The specialists of the Service took samples from the raw material, as there was no leftover of cooked food and sent to the laboratory for examination. In the meantime, the Service has undertaken steps to trace back and to identify food supplier companies of “Tezh Krak” cafeteria in order to ensure proper control in the whole chain. Additional information will be provided.

On the 27th of January, 2017 an order was issued by the Service to suspend the production process of the mentioned company.

Note that the activity of “ARTVARD” LLC had been considered of high risk by the Service and the business operator has been included in the annual inspection list, 2017. Inspections will be implemented in the coming days. For thorough examination of the case the specialists of the Service are collaborating with partner agencies to identify the source of hazard.