DSC_5481The State Service for Food Safety of the Ministry of Agriculture of RA in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture will conduct research in the fruits and vegetables market throughout the country during the November and December, in order to find out the origin of fruits and vegetables and provide complete information to consumers. The results of the research will be summarized at the end of December.
Taking into consideration the sales increase of fruits and vegetables during the pre-holiday months, the State Service for Food Safety will strengthen the  market and border  control. On 13 of November, the Deputy Chief of the SSFS Yeghishe Margaryan gave relevant instructions to all heads of the marz centers and border control points, detailing the scope of the action, representing  the questionnaire, by which the specialists will be able to ascertain the origin of fruits and vegetables in the market, the production/import ratio and traceability.
The received results and their analysis will serve as the basis for targeting the most vulnerable directions during the large-scale monitoring programs in the fruit and vegetable market, which are planned to be implemented by the State Service for Food Safety in the next year. On this purpose, more than 500 samples will be examined to determine residue materials and GMO’s in fruits and vegetables.


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