Veterinary is a system of prevention, diagnosis, treatment of animal diseases, elimination measures, protection of animal welfare, production of animal origin food and raw material, processing, transportation, sale, a system of implementation of the control over production of veterinary drugs, feed, feed additives, the import and export thereof, control over the penetration of animal infectious diseases to the Republic of Armenia.

The main problems of this sector are the treatment of sick animals and the protection of population from common animal diseases, the protection of the territory of the country against the penetration of contagious animal diseases from foreign countries.

Veterinary sector also implements control over transit of animals, animal origin food and raw materials, feed additives, veterinary drugs through the territory of the Republic of Armenia, animal origin food and raw materials, feed, feed mixtures, feed additives, further processing thereof, import and export of veterinary drugs as well as veterinary-sanitary examination of animal origin food at the points of sale.