Vahe Danielyan, Head of Food Safety and Quality Control Inspection of the State Service for Food Safety of MoA of the RA took part in a workshop with participation of European countries national contacts of Codex Alimentarius Commission held in Almaty, Kazakhstan, on November 7-9.

The aim of the event was to present web tools, which will allow not only getting acquainted with all European standards and projects being developed, but also will give a chance to be involved in their elaboration on the national level. The representatives of participating states discussed the challenges existing in the food safety sphere.

The discussions have pointed out that in 21st century the focus of food safety sphere is primarily on chemical hazards, particularly the medicine, used in veterinary, including antimicrobial agents, residues of pesticides and agrochemicals, food additives, chemical contaminants.

Significant importance was paid to the implementation of national monitoring programs by the states and the continuous strengthening of laboratory capacities, with the aim to identify, prevent and address the issues of food safety. The workshop also touched upon the Strategic Plan for 2020-2025 of the Codex Alimentarius, the provisions of which will also be revised based on the results of the event.