The “Republican Veterinary-Sanitary and Phytosanitary Laboratory Services Center ” state non-commercial organization (hereinafter ‘‘RVSPCLS” SNCO) is the only organization implementing laboratory analysis of animal diseases, raw material of animal origin, food products in RA agricultural system. There are 282 employees working in ‘‘RVSPCLS” SNCO.

The ‘‘RVSPCLS” SNCO currently provides services in all marzes of the Republic, regions and border control points.

Yerevan quarantine and plant protection laboratory and control-toxicological laboratory belong to the ‘‘RVSPCLS” SNCO.

The structure of the ‘‘RVSPCLS” SNCO is as follows:


  • Head of SSFS of MoA RA
  • Director
  • Quality manager
  • First deputy director in the field of laboratory activities
  • Head of the staff
  • Second deputy director in the fields of marz structures and laboratory development

WP_20160331_11_11_23_ProVeterinary laboratory

  • Pathological anatomical division
  • Microbiological division
  • Parasitological division
  • Molecular division
  • Serology and hematological division
  • Toxicology division

Food safety laboratory

  • Food microbiological division
  • Food physicochemical and toxicological division
  • Food parasitological division
  • Residues detection division
  • Radiology division

Phytosanitary Laboratory

  • Toxicology control division
  • Plant protection and plants quarantine division

Regional centres

  • Aragatsotn marz centre
  • Ararat marz centre
  • Armavir marz centre
  • Gegharquniq marz centre
  • Lori marz centre
  • Kotayq marz centre
  • Shirak marz centre
  • Syuniq marz centre
  • Vayots Dzor marz centre
  • Tavush marz centre

WP_20160331_11_07_57_ProBorder control points

  • Bagratashen border control point
  • Agarak border control point
  • Bavra border control point
  • Tashir border control point
  • Ayrum border control point

As well as

  • Financial-economical and accounting division
  • Administrative affairs division
  • Legal division
  • Operating division
  • Information and public relations division
  • General division
  • Sampling division

“RVSPCLS” SNCO, according to RA Government № 103 –N decision, January 13, 2005, in scopes of its responsibilities implements laboratory analysis of animal origin raw materials, food and foodstuffs; post vaccination monitoring of diseases of agricultural animals, stores and bears responsibility for the delivery veterinary vaccines and disinfectants, veterinary and other means to the to the organizations providing veterinary services with the scope of the state funded projects.

According to the decision N 103-N January 13 of Government of the RA, 2005 the “Republican Veterinary-Sanitary and Phytosanitary Laboratory Services Center” SNCO is a Reference Laboratory for diagnostics of animal diseases (including birds, furry beasts, fishes and bees), infections and monitoring processes.

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